Rune x TeaParty

Hey Raiders, listen up!

Here at Rune we love our community and the way you support us and tell your friends about us on social media. Our players know that “Let’s Be Friends” is a staple saying around these parts, while our OGs will remember the reminders for our players to keep themselves hydrated. You can imagine then, how excited we were when we met TeaParty.

Our newly-made friends at TeaParty are launching a new social-to-earn platform on Polygon, where raiders will be able to earn their native $TEA tokens just by interacting with their favourite social media content! By linking your social media account to their platform you’ll be able choose which users to follow, or which content to like or share to earn their tokens; hodling or trading them, or putting your $TEA to use promoting your favourite social media posts (nudge nudge wink wink) by rewarding other users for their interactions with your chosen content — great for the content creators amongst you, or those otherwise looking to boost their social presence.

Having found such an interesting friend, then discovering their fondness for a good cuppa, we of course had to brew our finest pot of tea to enjoy while retweeting the Rune weekly Sunday stream announcement (10:30pm UTC every Sunday on Twitch). Well it turned out that our friends at TeaParty liked our tea so much, they invited us to bring our brewing skills to their platform and become a Super Host, so that everybody can have some delicious tea!



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