Rune Nexus is here! No more wikis, no more documents

3 min readMar 16, 2022



What is Rune Nexus?
The team had a goal in mind — create a single source of truth for each Rune game and everything that makes up the Rune Metaverse, guaranteeing every bit of information comes directly from the horse’s mouth. We wanted to bring the D&D books of old back into the RPG gaming experience, with nice designs and lore to immerse yourself in. Thus, a brand new official hub for all things Rune was born: Nexus! In distinction to viewing the detailed map of Haerra, to having endless amounts of lore at your fingertips for your learning pleasure, Nexus puts the evolution of our metaverse on full display. No matter if you’ve been with Rune since its inception, or you just recently discovered us, Rune Nexus has something for even the most knowledgeable of travelers.

As our world continues to expand, Nexus will follow suit. That means a one-stop-spot for updated Runewords to craft, all 5 games, the pre-existing guides and so much more, giving a detailed perspective on just how rich the Rune Metaverse has become in a year’s time.

This center point of data also acts as a great tool for our community. No longer do any curious wayfarers need to wait on a team member to answer (most of) their burning questions. Nexus puts everything in front of you, waiting to be discovered, including the most intricate parts of the Rune Metaverse. Our ecosystem and the utility of every Rune, to name some examples.

Now instead of listing countless links, including 13 Telegram groups, shall we properly welcome Rune Nexus to the fold? Find us on Discord, Twitter, Twitch; you name it, all located on Nexus!

Remain safe and we’ll see you all again soon, maybe even in Sanctuary… Until next time.

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