Rune Monthly Report — September 2021

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Rune’s monthly report for September 2021 is here!

It’s getting later in the year and the days are already starting to get shorter. As the impending dusk from the Far East takes over the skies, some leaders of the West are stirring up declarations under close watch. This darkness brings with it an entire ecosystem of strange lifeforms of the fittest survivors of their habitats, patiently waiting for their time to shine. Of course, these are creatures of the night and the darkest days are yet to come, so they still need time to muster their strength before their big showing.

Fortunately, this does give all of our raiders some much-needed time to rebalance our load-outs and equip our weapons and armor in preparation, so let’s have a look at what these creatures have been doing while hiding out in the shadows. Gather around the fire as we share the news our Paladin messenger brings, as he speaks of allegiances in the battle between Heaven and Hell, mystical treasures falling from the skies and a sword so powerful it drained nearly half of the ZOD runes in Haerra while mortal men lost their minds questing for the mountains of gold it could bring its blacksmith…

September has been an explosive month for RUNE. Here is a quick oversight of our recent growth throughout the month:

RUNE holders: 7,000 ➞ 14,700 (+110%)

RUNE characters created: 8,000 ➞ 16,000 (+100%)

Marketplace sales: 1,500 ➞ 2,400 (+60%)

Twitter followers: 45,000 ➞ 82,000 (+82%)

Facebook followers: 30,000 ➞ 59,000 (+96%)

Discord members: 10,000 ➞ 14,800 (+48%)

Now you see it, now you don’t… Like an Assassin in the night, it came and went, leaving death and destruction in its trail. From nowhere, this mysterious weapon appeared in a flash of light brighter than a thousand fireballs, blinding the mortals with greed once they had seen the shine it could produce when smelted with masterful craftsmanship. The gluttony this weapon inspired in the humans was enough to have them, band, together to raid the Mage Isles for all the ZOD they could fill their pockets and storage trunks with, before throwing them into the mercy of the crafting cube, hoping to feast on the spoils of their victories.

But Binzy giveth and Binzy taketh away, so once it became known that nearly half of the entire ZOD supply had been used in creating these wicked weapons, a thick smoke wiped from mortal memory the knowledge required to craft more of these exceedingly forceful blades of destruction. Your appetite for chaos will determine whether you consider it a good or a bad thing that some of the swords which the mortals managed to forge in that short time are still being sold in the marketplaces across Haerra and beyond, however that intent on obtaining one may be interested to know that (perhaps unsurprisingly) no mortal was powerful enough to craft one of Mythic or Epic rarity, and only 124 Rare Guiding Lights exist.

If you wanted to get your hands on one of those Guiding Lights you’d likely gravitate to Rune’s marketplace — makes sense, right? But there are lands beyond Haerra where traders are also looking for exotic new toys to play with, so fitting in with our vision of allowing our players to have freedom of ownership of their items and being able to do with them as you wish, we’re pleased to announce our very first third-party marketplace partnership is live with our friends at TreasureLand! TreasureLand is a multi-chain NFT publishing and trading platform that aims to connect to NFT creators, users, and consumers in a decentralized way. Who wouldn’t want some of that in their guild? Last weekend while in the tavern I even overheard some dwarves mention that some items currently not available for trading within Haerra’s boundaries are available to trade beyond our realm, so you may find some hidden treasures in these faraway lands. Browse the RUNE collection here.

Now we at Rune never like to disappoint, so if one third-party marketplace wasn’t enough, why don’t we also introduce you to our friends at Babylons! Right here on BSC for you to trade your loot with another global audience, Babylons is a community governed marketplace where you can earn their native token $BABI just for buying and selling on their marketplace. With many choices of cryptocurrency to choose from when pricing your listings and a weekly airdrop for active users, perhaps a shopping/business trip outside of Haerra might be worthwhile making now and again? I’ve heard our local merchants mention their intent to spread their wares across as many markets as they can to increase the visibility of their goods, though whether you choose to do the same or not, at least it means there should be a supply of weapons available to purchase for defense wherever your travels may take you. Browse the RUNE collection here.

It wouldn’t be a Rune update if we didn’t talk about runes, so let’s give a warm welcome to FAL, the 19th rune in the Rune Codex. Like all of our runes, FAL is its own BEP-20 cryptocurrency co-existing harmoniously with the other runes in our ecosystem. Currently being rewarded for raiding in farms and pools, with the opportunity to reinvest that income, players have the opportunity to increase their FAL holdings by earning it ahead of FAL’s future utility in crafting some of those sweet sweet Runewords, rather than purchasing it when demand is high. Don’t forget that each rune will also have its own utility in Sanctuary too, so if the ability to show off and highlight your character name in the game is something that appeals to you then make sure to keep some FAL in your inventory for that functionality.

Rewards. Everybody loves receiving them and we love giving them, so what better way to celebrate with a bang than to partner up with CoinMarketCap for the first NFT airdrop! Over 828,000 warriors far and wide socialized as they took on the quest for great riches to the backdrop of a “great project”, but ultimately there could only be 1,000 lucky winners. These fortunate souls were showered with gems in the form of a Dragonlight amulet with powerful effects. These amulets are already working wonders for our raiders in the raids and excitement grows amongst our players to see how this jewelry will integrate into Rune games.

If like us, you weren’t lucky enough to catch one of these Dragonlight falling out of the sky, the Vira did find some being sold by adventurers who couldn’t quite face up to the raiding lifestyle, so you may just be lucky enough to find one of these beauties in a merchant’s jewelry cabinet with a price tag on it. This may not always be the case though, as not only will there never be more of these fine neckpieces minted again, making each one rare in themselves, but these items come in varying rarities and scarcities too. One of the only two Mythics available recently traded hands for 15 BNB.

Magical = 648

Rare = 250

Epic = 100

Mythic = 2

The Rune ecosystem is all about building the metaverse for the future of gaming and we’re proud to announce another landmark step toward that vision with the launch of our native desktop application for both PC and Mac. Bringing with it an upgrade to Evolution, our dragon dogfights are smoother, gorier, and more thrilling than ever before. Those equipped to do so can easily now run Evolution at hundreds of frames per second, but we’ve also catered to those players whose hardware is getting closer to being picked up by the Archivists, by including various graphics settings for you to toggle to make commanding your dragon on the battlefield much more natural. Gameplay improvements have also been included in the latest version update to 1.5 and those watching our social channels closely will have seen a glimpse into a future where Hell becomes a playground for Drakes.

Still, on the subject of games, the team has been hard at work on Rune Guardians and Rune Infinite and is making good progress on both of these games ahead of their Q4 beta releases. As with all Rune products, we’re very much focused on quality rather than quantity, (though we do tend to have a lot of that too), so we’ll keep working hard to make sure we have a product worthy of carrying the Rune label. That said, we can’t wait to battle against you and see what kinds of pets you’ll mint.

Rune Guardians are closer than you may think!

Everything that we’re doing is all building up to Rune Sanctuary, so while the development for Sanctuary won’t start until next year, there are pieces of the underlying technology being built and used in our games already. While this gives us a slight head start on the architecture, to craft a 3D world for a MMORPG it’s important to have the world’s lore in place to give artistic direction in the character, level and quest design.

To ensure we have those key pieces of lore and story in place ahead of development, we have recruited two people to work full-time on expanding on the initial identity of the game that was set by Bin Zy, to give life to the world of Rune Sanctuary. As they are writing the lore and story for the in game world they have been granted the title of Lorekeepers. Already we have been fortunate enough to see the fruits of their labor, with the world map of Haerra now available for all to feast their eyes on.

After the Paladin finished delivering their messages, the fire continued to crackle and the merriment could begin. We of course all enjoyed far too much mead and our drunken ramblings somehow got onto the topic of finance. While there were naturally some heated disagreements, the one thing that we all agreed on is that we all want more Rune and runes. But these are all at their maximum supply already so what to do? Some numbskulls suggested smashing them to pieces so there was more to go round, how primitive! I mean surely that would never work…

Well, we woke up with a splitting headache and started to recount the events from the night before. Remembering our discussion we set about to work with a clear head and turns out that you can indeed smash Rune into thousands of pieces called Rune Shards, which will trade as $RXS. One of the things we’ve consistently delivered is a capped supply on our runes and even runewords, but with only 19,300 Rune left after burns available it becomes a challenge to supply liquidity to other chains, such as when we bridge to Polygon, or to support future listings with DEXs or CEXs.

To solve this problem, but ensure the integrity of Rune’s limited supply was kept, we worked with our mages, who discovered that each Rune could be smashed into ten thousand identical shards, never to be pieced together again, while retaining their magical value. This means that for every 1 $RUNE you convert you would receive 10,000 $RXS, and $RXS has already been minted to its maximum total supply because it can only be obtained by converting Rune at the fixed ratio.

We never take risks when runes are involved and we know that this job needed more than a sledgehammer to work, so we stayed off the mead for a while to focus on the development and once we’d finished we even asked some friends from another town if they could check our work to make sure your RXS is SAFU. A little birdy tells me that those professional auditors received it safely and are already working hard to examine our handiwork. You know that nervous feeling when you’re waiting for an exam result even though you aced the test? Perhaps some mead to calm the nerves, a good thing this update is coming to an end…

So we’ve come to the end of our monthly report and reflecting on September it’s hard to think just how much happened in that time amongst all the noise of the wider market, but we’ll continue to BUIDL and do our own thing until October’s report is issued. Until then, please keep yourselves and your seed phrases safe, you’re going to need all your Rune for RXS.

One last thing — October is going to be an amazing month for us. We’re working on a lot of huge things in the background that we can’t yet talk about! 👀





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