Rune Monthly Report — October 2021

October Rune Update

Welcome, I’m glad to see you arrived here safely. Please, find a seat and make yourself at home. It’s getting cold out there now, with winter approaching and the witching hour nearing, so if you haven’t already, you may wish to consider stocking up your inventory now while there’s plenty to go around; the armies have already grown in recent weeks and they’ll soon be picking out their preferred blades. Make sure to also obtain some armor to cover each section of your body, you’ll need it if you want a chance of surviving a winter in Mataro Peak. All of that can afford to wait until the morning though, now let’s just unwind and reflect on recent weeks.

You know that feeling when you’re waiting for something you’re looking forward to, but each day leading up to it seems to drag on and nothing’s happening, yet when you look back you realize just how much has actually happened and time instead seems to have flown by? That certainly sums up our October so far, with the teams working hard on so much behind the scenes to help bring you the vision for our metaverse (I’m not even sure why you’re competing Mark), but we’ve not been able to share it with you all. Yet.

So what exactly has been keeping us so busy and secretive? Well, apart from preparing our Halloween costumes for the arrival of the trick-or-treaters (and of course here at Rune we only ever treat), we’ve also been glued to our keyboards and still managed to fly thousands of miles across land and sea to spread the good word of Rune. While an occasional slip of tongue across our socials is certainly a good source for clues, here we’ll take a more in-depth look at all of the exciting things we’ve been building for our raiders, such as our preparation for the launch of Rune Shards ($RXS), progress updates on each of our current and future games and ways in which we’ll try to make joining our community more accessible. Speaking of joining our community, have you seen how many have so far?!

Financial & Growth Oversight

For a while now we’ve been fighting off an endless horde of Demonkin, the likes of which we’d never seen before. As if they were possessed and had no true autonomy of themselves, their cries of “marketing proposal” rang throughout the towns and while the good folk did their best to hammer them away, the onslaught was so ferocious we even lost our dear friend Rose (though as a very rare sight, both the Druids and the Necromancers are doing their best to work together and bring her back to us, so we hope to see her soon). We knew that the only way to calm these demons was to take fate into our own hands and having heard the phrase “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself”, that’s exactly what we did! We sent our most able pen seller all across the world to work his magic and my goodness did things get busy in here, so let’s have a look at how we’ve grown.

October has been another great month for RUNE. Here is a quick oversight of our recent growth throughout the month:

RUNE holders: 14,700 ➞ 15,200 (+3%)

RUNE characters created: 16,000 ➞ 17,200 (+8%)

Marketplace sales: 2,400 ➞ 2,700 (+12.5%)

Twitter followers: 82,000 ➞ 104,000 (+26%)

Facebook followers: 59,000 ➞ 76,000 (+29%)

Discord members: 14,800 ➞ 18,600 (+26%)

RXS news!

The Shardening! It’s all about Rune Shards these days. So let me break it down for you.

Why RXS?

It’s no secret, Rune shares the same ticker as Thorchain. Truth be told, it was intentional. The RUNE ticker made so much sense for us at the time, and we figured if somebody cared so much about the conflict and not the product, then they shouldn’t join. This helped keep the community small and focused on the product, not the price. However, it leads to unforeseen problems like CoinGecko and CMC mixing up the volume, liquidity, and news events. So that’s the first reason for the change.

The second reason is that 19,300 RUNE will lead to an unwieldy large price as the market cap grows. For example, if we were closer to the value of other major NFT projects, each $RUNE could cost over $10,000 each. With a high price like that, it’s unattractive to many users and requires a lot of decimals when pricing Rune items.

The last reason is it gives us a fresh start to make a few improvements to the token contract. We can now enforce a tax on vampire bots. And we can integrate the ERC-20 votes standard from the OpenZeppelin solidity library, for governance.

You can find more information about RXS tokenomics here.

PHASE 1: Develop smart contracts (DONE)

The RXS contract incorporates everything we learned releasing $RUNE, as well as learnings from other tokens. You can find the source code here, complete with a suite of tests explaining everything about it.

PHASE 2: Audit smart contracts (DONE)

The RXS contract audit by Certik is completed, and has not found any critical issues. It’s also been audited by RD Auditors and found no issues.

PHASE 3: CEX listing process (DONE)

Every great token needs a great exchange. Pancake is nice but it doesn’t give us the broad coverage we need to grow. We’ve partnered with a top 10 exchange (by volume) to spread Rune Shards globally. We are also in discussions with a few others, for even more market coverage. We don’t currently meet the volume requirements for some and hope this will bring us further in that goal.

PHASE 4: Launch (November)

$RXS has launched in early November (with initial liquidity locked for 6 months). You will be able to convert your 1 $RUNE for 10,000 $RXS. Call a function on the RXS contract to swap. It’s that simple. The $RUNE will be burned, and you’ll be given a bunch of lovely $RXS. To shard your tokens, please head to the sharding page.

At the same time, the Rune Protocol will be updated to use $RXS for protocol fees instead of $RUNE.

PHASE 5: Marketing (November)

We have a bunch of marketing events and promotions planned for $RXS, so keep your eyes out.

PHASE 6: DEX listing process (November)

One of the things we wanted to do earlier on is bringing Rune to other DEX chains. This is great because it gives users who may not want to leap BSC an option to join the Rune Metaverse. But with the plans to release $RXS, it didn’t make sense to put in that effort for $RUNE. Now we can do that and we’ll start by converting vault $RUNE to $RXS and burning that. Then we will mint that exact amount on other major chains (Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, etc). However, there will be no bridging built into it. The reason is that that requires a mint function. We take security very seriously at Rune, and because exchanges will support Rune contracts on different chains, it’s a security risk to allow any of them to mint. No matter how much we trust our code, it’s not wise to allow minting, at this stage in the project. And no upgrading. That’s why $RUNE minting was disabled on day 1, and that’s why it was designed the way it was. Maybe when we’re worth over 1B, and have a lot of safety nets in place, then $RXS bridging may be an option. Until then, whatever is there, is there.

Fiat Onramps

Another thing we’re planning is as the world seeks to adopt blockchain technology, it can be confusing. We want to reduce that barrier to entry. It should be just as easy as playing any other MMORPG. For that reason, we’re working with some potential partners to onramp directly from fiat into the Rune Metaverse. We hope to share more information with you soon.

Evolution 1.7

With multiple quality of life updates to Evolution throughout October to sort out those tricky tricksters, we thought in the next update we’d give you a treat, with a sweet graphical update to feast your eyes on. The mages cast an incantation that caused winds to swirl and a multi-colored aura of light began to glow around the mage isles. Once the landscape settled, the color from the event appeared to remain in the area, bringing new life to the Mage Isles. It even appears to have the capability to breathe new life; a more suitable environment for our Rune Guardians to grow and evolve in.

Rune Evolution 1.7 preview!

Have a sneak peek at the new graphics in action:


Here at Rune, we’re constantly training to hone our fighting skills, regularly sharpening our blades and buffing our armor to ensure we’re always prepared for battle, but the town’s leaders have determined that our skills have become so great they’re more fit for entertainment purposes than battling! I suppose as we haven’t yet been dragged into the emerging war in Westmarch we can afford to take some time to entertain the crowds and show them what we’re made of.

In the linked videos you’ll be able to see some development footage of Rune Infinite, one of our games in development. Infinite will be a 1v1 2D arena brawler which will utilize runewords created by our players to enable various skills within the game. Here it is not your character’s class that determines the abilities available to you, but instead, it is your inventory that acts as your skill tree and loadout, each item enabling various effects to suit different scenarios. The choice will be yours as a player, to decide whether you wish to swing a blade or cause a shower of knives, electrocute your opponent with magic or burn them with a flaming fireball, adding items to your inventory that enable these powers.

Once you’ve decided your loadout you’ll enter the arena where you’ll battle another raider to determine the victor, with success rewarded with runes and NFTs, enabling our raiders to keep ownership of the value they create by becoming the competition for the rest of the community.

Check out one of our preview videos here.

Sanctuary — map/lore/concept

While development is happening on the first 4 games, we’re chugging away on the foundation of Sanctuary, defining the world, lore, characters, acts, and bosses.

Rune Sanctuary takes place in the world of Haerra:

The world of Haerra!

You can find the interactive map here.

Thank you for tuning in!

Now the evening is drawing to a close and I’m sure you’ll wish to get some sleep ahead of the next leg of your journey, so we shall soon call it a night, but before we do let me read my tea leaves and see how your fortune fares.

Hmmm, yes. Well, I can see visions of humans working hard building something. Look’s like a cube of some sort. Are they putting runes in it? Incredible, I’ve never seen such a blade before! That armor, nothing could get through that, I’m sure! But that’s all blurring now. What’s this? I see a raider, they’re carrying a weapon and a shield. Hang on a minute, looks like his belt is made of Wyrmhide and… that ring, I’m sure that’s one I heard of previously, one that has never been worn by any of its bearers due to an ancient curse. Well I never, I wonder if this is a sign that that the curse will soon be lifted? It did certainly seem cold in that environment, so perhaps we don’t have all that much longer left to wait, my friend. I guess I had better go and inspect my armory to see if it would benefit from a restock. Keep yourself safe and we’ll speak again soon.

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