Rune Monthly Report — August 2021

Rune’s monthly report for August 2021 is here!

Well hasn’t this been an exciting month! The team has been working hard on bringing the best gaming experience that’s truly integrated to the blockchain and now we’re really cranking it up a notch.

We’ve introduced our first play-to-earn game, enabling players all over the world to battle against each other in their quest for hoarding runes. We’ve made sure that those who might not wish to or be able to take part in our games or otherwise just love to spend their time talking about Rune, can still earn runes by introducing us to their friends. We’ve launched new runes, powerful new Runewords to stir up discussion (though one, in particular, seems to be the talk of the town), and of course, been hard at work in the background making sure the experience interacting with the marketplace is better. With so much to get through, let’s start by taking a look at what’s gone live this month and what we’ve started working on.

August has been an explosive month for RUNE. Here is a quick oversight of our recent growth throughout the month:

RUNE price: $125 ➞ $330 (+164%)

RUNE market cap: $2,412,500 ➞ $6,369,000 (+164%)

RUNE holders: 2500 ➞ 7,000 (+180%)

RUNE characters created: 2,100 ➞ 8,000 (+280%)

Marketplace sales: 500 ➞ 1,500 (+200%)

Twitter followers: 7,200 ➞ 45,000 (+525%)

Telegram members (main group): 2,600 ➞ 30,000 (+1,053%)

Facebook followers: 100 ➞ 30,000 (+29,900%)

Discord members: 600 ➞ 10,000 (+1,567%)

Charity wallet: $50,000 ➞ $150,000 (+200%) Total vault token holdings (USD): $500,000 ➞ $2,000,000 (+300%)

We love the enthusiasm you all show for Rune, the way you excitedly tell your friends about it, asking them to see if they can beat your score in the Mage Isles — something we can’t thank you enough for. What we can do is try to reward you for it. That’s why we launched our referral program, allowing you to earn a VEX rune for every person who signs up and creates a character after using your referral link. Your friend won’t mind, as they’ll get a rebate of 20% of their character cost back, so it’s more likely they’ll be thanking you!

As if that wasn’t generous enough, you’ll also get 20% of your friend’s character cost too! And because we know you all like to stack your bonuses, we’re even going to give you a bonus of 1% of the total winnings of the players you’ve referred to Rune, so start thinking about which of your friends has those lightning speed reactions and quick thinking to maximize your earnings!

Invite your friends now:

Dragonlings, whelps, drakes; previously unknown creatures now familiar to over 4,000 unique players. Found in the Mage Isles, they can often be seen swooping towards each other, gracefully executing precision turns in the fight for that sprite that will maintain their form and prevent them from devolving before their opponent dives in to snatch it right from under their nose, causing them to fall prey to the enemy’s now-evolved dragon.

Built in a few weeks to demonstrate the potential that blockchain integration with gaming has, we went live with the Beta of the first play-to-earn game in the Rune ecosystem, Rune Evolution, which has seen players all over the world colliding together to earn a spot on the public leaderboards. Whether it’s Deathmatch or Sprite Leader, perhaps even the controversial Let’s Be Friends, with multiple game modes we’ve seen numerous different strategies forming and it has been wonderful seeing you all sharing your experiences, recording YouTube videos, and streaming on Twitch, explaining to your fellow guild members which game modes drop orbs and what they even are (hint — you want them). To play Rune Evolution, head to

Of course, cheaters always spoil the game and we, unfortunately, had a lot of those who thought they could take away rewards from our legitimate players, but they forgot about the strength of our raiders and their ability to work together to identify and report these issues, so we’ve been spending a lot of time implementing anti-cheat measures so that our community can rest assured that bots and exploiters will soon just become a bad memory and we can all go back to flying around looking for the next rune spawn. Speaking of runes…

Making an early appearance, ZOD, the 33rd rune in the Rune ecosystem, is being distributed as the reward token for Rune Evolution. Pre-mined to the capped supply of 20,000, this rune can only be earned by playing the game, so to get your hands on this rare rune you’ll need to start learning the difference between a dragonling and a drake, practicing those maneuvers to gain the highest score in each 5 minute round. Once you’ve earned and received your Rune Evolution ZOD rewards, that’s when the real decision-making begins. Will you HODL waiting for the price to go up, stake it in the raids for additional gains, or use it for some Runeword crafting? Being a BEP-20 token you can also swap ZOD for other tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.

We know that crafting and trading is a big part of Rune currently and we want that part of your Rune experience to be even better, so we’ve quietly been beefing up our hardware behind the scenes to get your listed items showing on the marketplace quicker. We’ve also made other improvements to our backend infrastructure to improve our resilience to bugs so that our raiders can keep upgrading their loadout even when lady luck didn’t smile at them in the crafting cube.

We all love crafting a Mythic, but in their quest for one some of our raiders have found themselves with quite the collection of weapons and armor that are just collecting dust, so what to do with them? Well, here at Rune we usually like to see things burn, but as those Runewords are all rather special, the fire didn’t seem quite appropriate this time. So instead, we’ll just take them apart. The smart contracts have been written and tested, so once the stars align they shall activate.

Within them, they tell a tale of mystical disenchanting powers that turn Runewords back into runes. But rather than the runes used to craft the Runeword, you’ll receive LEM runes instead. As this process requires some degree of sorcery, items of a higher perfection will yield more LEM than more common ones. LEM can then be used to upgrade your other items, or for crafting more Runewords.

LEM received when disenchanting:

Magic: 1

Rare: 3

Epic: 6

Mythic: 12

With the Rune universe becoming ever more complex and with all those shiny Runewords to equip the gas fees can pose a bit of a problem for some of our players, so the development on our bridge to Polygon is well and truly underway. Smart contracts are being written that will bridge Rune and our NFTs to Polygon, where our players can interact with Rune without having the same concerns about gas prices as we do on BSC. This is still in the early phases of the development and it cannot be rushed; the safety of our player base is paramount after all, so we’ll be taking our time to ensure everything is working smoothly and as expected before we go live with that feature. When we do open the bridge, the migration will happen in phases, with the ERC-20 token being deployed first and Runewords and other NFTs coming later.

As some of you may know, it has always been the intent that Runewords would be used for more than just farming raids and that vision is starting to come to life, with development being started on adding attributes to Runewords that take effect in Rune Evolution. As these are still in development and there will be a need to balance gameplay, these aren’t set in stone, but some of the attributes that could be available in-game are listed below.


· Reduce time to orb spawn

· Higher % of points taken from a killed player

· Lower % of points lost on death

· See where the player was killed (to pinpoint orb spawn)

· % chance to receive double points for an action

· % chance to double item reward

· % increased win reward

· % increased item reward

· % increased movement speed

· % increased movement speed on evolve/devolve

· % chance to see where an item will spawn next


· % chance of orb giving no points

· % chance of action giving no points

· % decreased movement speed

· % decreased reward

· % decreased the movement speed when leading

Every adventurer needs a companion and we do love all kinds of pets here at Rune (could you tell from our #cutepets channel in our Discord server?) & we love NFTs too, so why not combine those passions into something special? As revealed in our recent AMA, development has started on Rune Guardians; mystical pets that join your raider on their travels, strengthening your character. These pets can be bred by our raiders and each one will be unique and random, so we can’t wait to see what kind of creatures of heaven or hell you bring to life when they become available to own in October.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed playing Evolution and engaging with the community as much as we have and we really can’t wait to share more with you in September’s update, because if you thought August has been crazy, just wait until you see what we’ve got planned for September!





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Originally published at on August 30, 2021.



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