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The community has always been at the heart of everything we do. We’ve always taken players’ views and opinions into consideration when making any changes, large or small. So far, input from the community has been in the form of polling our social channels or through open discussions, taking away that feedback and collating those into development actions.

While this approach has been successful in ensuring our community’s voice is heard, these methods are perhaps more appropriate for Web2 communities. As Web3 innovators creating an unstoppable crypto metaverse, it’s clear we need to move towards a DAO-led community project at some point.

We’re at the point where we as a community have built a clear vision of what we need to do and how, and have actually built a lot of it. That wasn’t always the case. If we had given up control of the vision to token holders in the beginning, the vision could have been easily compromised by greed or misguidance. We feel that we are in a much better position to start making that transition, in 4 phases. The last phase of relinquishing all control won’t take place until we’ve hit certain milestones.

Moving to the DAO model is important because it puts the project 100% in the hands of the people, not a single corporation, which can be a point of failure. It opens the ecosystem up to multiple studios, which gives it a much better shot at being a vibrant high quality metaverse, not a gimmick. The metaverse needs to be a protocol multiple organizations operate within, so players can transition between worlds seamlessly, and they are stakeholders in the development of those worlds and the protocol itself. A metaverse should not just be a collection of games made by a single studio.

What that might look like is that we the Infinite Team become one of dozens of studios within the Rune Metaverse. Each studio chooses what amount of the ecosystem they want to support. Maybe it’s just items, maybe it’s just characters, maybe it’s nothing other than the ability to transition. But you the token holder can choose how the funds generated within the metaverse are spent by exercising your rights to vote on the initiatives. If a bigger company like Epic Games or EA comes along and wants to use funds from the Rune Vault, submits a proposal, and you guys accept it, then that’s how it goes. If instead you choose to support proposals that would have us as the development team, that’s a choice too. To be clear, that means proposals should include details on the plan, expected outcome, funding required, and who will work on it. If your proposal would have us the Infinite Team doing the work, it would need to be something we agree to do. Otherwise, you would choose a different team or do it yourself, if Rune holders vote to do that.

Our goal is to make the Rune Metaverse the premiere dark fantasy metaverse, open source, open data, open protocol, welcoming to any studio who wants to build within it and support our players and ideally NFTs as well. To do that, we need to make space for them, open up most of our platform, and be legally structured properly to allow that to happen.

This won’t change the community discussions and impact on our decisions. All of that will continue, but with the formal process of the token holders weighing into the decision making. Each team/studio can operate how they want within the metaverse, and it’s up to the holders how much power & funding they give to them. We the Infinite Team will continue to operate as we have, and hopefully the token holders still believe in our ability to choose our proposals.

As we also still have a number of core features to deliver, we want to start the transition to become a DAO in a cautious way that still ensures we can focus on building the key gaming elements our community expects and set ourselves up for a smooth transition. We believe we can do achieve this through a phased introduction of governance voting, as below:

Phase 1: Infinite Team will submit proposals that the community can vote on. In this phase results are non-binding, which allows us to experiment with the governance strategy while obtaining our players’ opinions and still ensuring we can deliver our core objectives.

Phase 2: Infinite Team will submit proposals that the community can vote on. In the second phase votes are binding and the Infinite Team will commit to delivering the outcome voted on. This will allow us to further decentralize development and design decisions to the community, but still providing the Infinite Team some control to ensure development of the core features we have promised to deliver to our players continues.

Phase 3: The third phase would also enable community members to submit proposals to be voted on. Community submitted proposals would be advisory at this stage, so that we can better understand how submitted proposals will affect our ability to build and deliver our games and the impact that has on our wider community.

Phase 4: The final phase would be to fully shift to a DAO governance model, where community members can submit and vote on binding proposals from the Infinite Team or anyone else, which are to be funded by the Rune Vault. We would initiate this phase when we believe the core features are solid and token holders want to switch.

Raiders, we know that the journey to decentralization must start somewhere, so the question we’re asking you — has that time come?

Is now the time start Phase 1 of Rune DAO governance? Vote now:

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The world’s first and most comprehensive dark fantasy metaverse driven by crypto and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Battle, win & collect items.

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The world’s first and most comprehensive dark fantasy metaverse driven by crypto and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Battle, win & collect items.