AMA with BSC Gemz (Transcript) — April 14, 2021

Geoff Bones: HEAR YE HEAR YE! It’s AMA time! We are pleased to welcome @binzydev and squire @RuneFarmKevin from team RUNEFARM. We are about to get a little “Medieval” with this one. All those in House Gemz who speak out of turn for the duration of next hour or so will be Banished from the realm!

5 winners (picked by @Gbonez1990) will share the prize pool of 1 BNB worth of $RUNE, 0.2 BNB worth of $RUNE each

From here on out, lets respect our guests :)

@binzydev welcome to the AMA, whenever you are ready, we can start to go over some questions!

Binzy: Light the fires!

Kevin Rune.Farm CM: The raid begins my liege

Geoff Bones: Lets start with the basics, Can you give us a detailed explanation of what “RUNEFARM” is, for those who don’t know?

Binzy: For sure, hey there all you gemz 👋

Rune.Farm is a Diablo 2 inspired NFT protocol. Characters and Guilds on the platform will gain certain farm bonuses or NFT rewards depending on their attributes.

Rune.Farm advantages are that each week you have an opportunity to get a scarce asset, what we call a rune. It’s minted in farms, and the supply is then locked forever and becomes deflationary. We like to burn things. Those BEP20 runes will then be convertable to NFTs which can be used to generate powerups for future farms, and be used in the game. They act as milestones and marketing events each week.

And a safe place to get some consistent APY with less pump n dumps or rugs, as each is locked each week.

Geoff Bones: Perfect! very interesting stuff, im personally a fan :)

Binzy: Glad to hear it ❤️

Geoff Bones: How many would you guys say you have on the team thus far?

Binzy: We have a total of 11 working behind the scenes, the main dev (me), 2 consultant devs, at least 4 CMs (headcount pending), a marketing manager, and mods

Geoff Bones: Thats great! quite a large team! very promising. Alright, Im going to get straight into the questions submitted by the Gemz

Binzy: Sounds good!

Geoff Bones: First Fan question: Why did you choose BSC for your project and not something like Tron where the fees are even cheaper?

Binzy: BSC was the obvious choice. No exchange has survived 2 bull markets as the leader. Binance will be the leader of the industry for a while, and the first thing many new to crypto touch. Tron has never had the that kind of upward trend and it likely never will. And I personally see BSC as potentially flipping Ethereum this year, so I want to be on that boat :)

Geoff Bones: Great answer, i think you will find alot of gemz around here feel the same way :)

This next question kind of relates to longevity

Lately every new project includes a NFT aspect, but many people feel like the NFT craze is a bubble. Do you think the NFT market will thrive for many years to come? If so, why?

Binzy: I think there’s a huge imbalance in how some of the NFT offerings are being weighted due the craze. I definitely think NFTs will thrive for our entire lifetime, but the valuations will be pretty wild until the dust settles. I have a vision for the future of NFTs as evolving, meaning that they can be used and taken from game to game, as long as those developers agree to use the same branch.

How many types of Pokemon games there are? Why can’t third-parties to use your existing Pokemon if they license them? Why not a game built around Gengar? Maybe Nintendo eventually bringing some into the fold via licensing. Your Pikachu gets surf in Pokemon Yellow, but it doesn’t Pokemon Snap only recognizes the first version of Pikachu, because it has no need for upgrades/abilities.

Then there’s the Pokemon TCG craze. So much of it will move to blockchain over the coming years.

I grew tired of waiting for big corps to do this. I want *the same* Master Sword from when I was a kid. I want *the first* Pikachu I ever caught, 70 years later when I’m old and grey.

And my kid will get that experience.

Geoff Bones: I can totally relate to this, being a 90’s Kid, playing Pokemon red through gold haha. Great answer, i think you are onto something :)

Appreciate the candid response

Binzy: Always ❤️

Geoff Bones: So, the next question is a very interesting one for me, ive checked them out, but was waiting for the AMA to get a full breakdown :)

Can you tell us about the tokenomics of $RUNE, $EL, and $TIR?

Directly from the source :)

Binzy: $RUNE is the original protocol token. There will only ever be 20,000. $EL and $TIR are what we call runes, BEP20 tokens that are farmed for 1 week and then supply is locked.

They will then be convertable to NFTs and craftable into NFTs called Rune Words that will give character and guild buffs in future farms.

Each of these runes builds on the previous in some way.

After they are distributed, they’ll be used in upcoming games and marketplace.

Each distribution is unique.

You can click on the rune on and click Details to see everything about it.

(that is so far released)

Geoff Bones: This makes me really really excited haha.

Binzy: I live to excite you


Geoff Bones: It seems like you have vast knowledge and good vision, the next question relates to your answer — I see that you plan on creating 30+ more runes (tokens). Will they all have continued use cases? In other words, how do you plan on keeping all of your runes, especially earlier ones like $EL, valuable

Binzy: Absolutely. We’re constantly discussing the mechanics of these and how we can keep them relevant and useful. Each one is intended to build on the previous, and we’re very agile and well versed in different types of mechanics to pull this off. We might have one rune buy and lock up other runes in LPs, we might throw a rune lottery requiring other runes, we might revive an older rune with a new rune word giving it immense utility. As we grow, rune raiders of all kinds grow together

Geoff Bones: Good work! it seems like you have fully thought out the Project for the long term. Heres a question that is asked quite a bit these days

I recently saw another project implement loot boxes in order to combat inflation. Are you going to do the same? Through what other ways are you planning to

Well, Inflation as a whole has been quite the issue around the space

Binzy: Every project has bursts of newcomers who speculatively inflate the price. This much is clear. Launchpools, dual pools, space pools, hyperloop farms. Do they really matter? These are really just releases intended to bring in a new audience to buy your bags and combat the massively inflated native token. Our overall market cap is inflating due to these runes. But between each rune, and during each farming phase, we are taking fees and burning as much as we can to combat this.

What I love about the way we built this is we provide so many different strategies to use. It’s a game and who knows which strategy is best.

Geoff Bones: Excellent response, those who enjoy the product will shine the diamond hands :)

Alright, were going to get into some fun stuff, which i’m pretty stoked for some of these questions, being involved in many MMORPG games throughout my lifetime

What are the benefits of creating a character on your platform? The fee is quite high. And can you explain what guilds are for?

Binzy: Absolutely

Guilds are a place for those with shared values to raid farms. Guilds will be able to earn higher farm bonuses and share those higher bonuses to those they invite to their guild.

Soon, anybody can create a guild for them and their friends or people of shared values.

Characters will be required to benefit from certain future farms. They will be able to use the NFTs for buffs. They will also be airdropped special bonuses in the future.

Characters are required to join NEF farming for example

You will be able to earn farming bonuses when you’ve buffed your character. Basically, you can choose 10 of your NFTs to lock up, each having different buffs. All early adopters will be airdropped the first NFT with a buff soon, and will be able to explore their NFTs in the upcoming inventory.

Geoff Bones: Wow. It seems you have a great big universe planned out, Bullish 🔥

Binzy: I’ve been thinking about my own online RPG world for 10 years. I’m happy to have such a supportive community giving me the opportunity to build it :)

Geoff Bones: Really digging this so far, and you are representing your project greatly :)

Binzy: Thank you ❤️

Geoff Bones: Here is a diablo question that you may or may not have been expecting :P

As most Diablo 2 fans will know, the runes each has its own attributes. I reckon you’ll implement that into your game, but in what ways? Will every rune have a modifier related to farming yields, character upgrades, etc?

Binzy: Each rune will be part of the evolving NFT system I mentioned earlier. So your rune is the first branch in this tree. Rune.Farm is 2a,. The online RPG, Arcane Sanctuary, would be 2b. You can carry your rune from each game, but in each game it has different modifiers.

Geoff Bones: Awesome, No rune left behind :)

Binzy: There’s a lot of details I have yet to move into the documentation, but I don’t want to distract people with all my game design stuff right now.

It’s already a lot to take in, we need to streamline it soon.

Geoff Bones: Fair enough, Agreed that you don’t need to over complicate things by pushing out too many future details at once, can get a bit overwhelming

Binzy: (Some people still think we’re farming EL)

Geoff Bones: What are character equipment (weapons and armor) used for? Will there be rare equipment in the future?

Rune armor? :P

Binzy: For sure! I really want to bring that nostalgic RPG feeling back, so we will be airdropping certain weapons, armor and such you might know from ye ol time. I for one can’t wait for my Windforce.

Jah Ith Ber

It’s coming.

These will be mostly for collector sake, but will be carried into game.

Geoff Bones: Haha, Nice, i didn’t play diablo, but was obsessed with runescape 2d. I think your bringing the vibes back to some of us who were around for those :)


Wen Windforce? Wen Mephisto runs?

Binzy: Hahah you can take a run on Mephisto in our chat ;)

Not sure how he’ll respond.

Geoff Bones: Haha, after the AMA, im sure :)

How much focus does your team have on the gaming aspect of your project? Most NFT “gaming” projects end up focusing too much on tokenomics/farming and completely forget about basic things like building a fun and engaging game.

Binzy: It’s a tough balance. We have a very engaged community, who is constantly demanding farming improvements and mechanics changes. But we have an internal team who pulls me back into the gaming aspect when we get too deep there. For example, I was recently talked out of doing Launchpools. Sounds good, but we can’t do everything. We’re 50/50 right now, but more and more emphasis will be put on the gamification. Streamlining the farming aspect, improving the game aspect, the items, the gambling system, marketplace, the online RPG

We even put up a domain just for the polls for the community

So we capture as much input as we can

Love the questions btw

Geoff Bones: Understandable. Its early days for you guys, NFT’s in general, you don’t want to bite off more then you can chew, But its really nice to see that your community is the priority

You might like this next one, it kinda ties into the last one :)

Will characters be able to engage in PVE and PVP combat? Are there any farming related benefits to doing so?

Binzy: There will definitely be a PVP farm.

I grew up on PVP. I still dream of Hillsbrad raids.

There is 0% chance there will be no PVP in any game with the name Binzy on it.

Geoff Bones: Haha, yessir, good old wildy days in runescape :)

Binzy: I remember dying in Runescape

It’s probably the only thing I remember doing

Geoff Bones: Being lured, losing all your stuff, good times

Binzy: Good times

Geoff Bones: Heres another Diablo one

I’m a big fan of Diablo. Do you think there’s a chance you can partner with Blizzard Entertainment? (Just kidding, but what partnerships do you have lined up for real?)

Binzy: It’s funny, some people in the community really think Blizzard will buy us out or something

I don’t know about that lol

Geoff Bones: I mean, Who knows what the future holds?

You guys doing things nobody else is doing :)

Binzy: But I would love to partner with other fantasy games who want to onboard our protocol, or do client work bringing AAA games into the future

There’s also a few Diablo mods who have vibrant communities, 20K active users

Geoff Bones: Sounds like you are on a mission my friend, but this next question relates to the previous

Do you guys think there could be a copyright issue, as you’re using artwork from Diablo? How will you handle it if it happens?

Binzy: We get this one a lot

All I’ve borrowed are images and rune names. Images can be easily changed, and rune names are not copyright. Everything else is kept generic for rebranding if necessary. When we hit top 100 there will be a rebrand remove anything associated with other RPGs. It might occur before then though :)

I don’t plan on fighting Blizzard. If you’re from Blizzard, email

Geoff Bones: HAHAHA, great response, it seems like you have a good strat going forward

Binzy: We’re all team Diablo here :)

Geoff Bones: We just have a few questions left, if you are game, we have reached the 1 hour mark

Binzy: Absolutely

Geoff Bones: This one you can choose to answer or not :P

Glad to see that you’re having an AMA here at Gemz. Are you planning to get a Gemz audit too? That’d make new users feel way more secure going into your project considering how many rug pulls we’ve had lately

Binzy: We’ll take 2!


Geoff Bones: Haha, not a bad call

Last 2 questions, they are fun ones :)

Can you give us one piece of alpha here in Gemz that almost nobody else knows yet?

No pressure ;)

Binzy: Anybody who knows me knows I don’t give a lot away. Not even internally, sorry gemz!

Geoff Bones: Fair enough! you have answered alot of great questions, the alpha today was your candid info :)

Binzy: Thanks so much Geoff it was a pleasure ❤️

Hope to be back

Geoff Bones: Alright, last one..this is tradition for our old friend Biggie smalls

What’s one question nobody ever asks you that you wish they would, and what’s the answer

Binzy: What my favorite anime is

And it’s Hunter x Hunter

It’s a wonderful anime and I aspire every day to live like Gon

Check it out :)

Geoff Bones: Haha! perfect. Well that concludes the AMA, Honestly mate, im pretty stoked for the future of RUNEFARM. Your welcome to stick around and talk to the community, But i know you are a busy person :) before you go feel free to link your tg/website/info :)

Binzy: Much appreciated! and the TG is @runefarm for any aspiring raiders :)