October Rune Update

There’s a robot problem brewing.

Everybody is surprised to learn that Uniswap was designed for arbitrage. It’s in the first pages of their documentation. PancakeSwap is a literal copy of Uniswap. Rune uses PancakeSwap as it’s AMM.

TLDR: Limited supply, not a pump and dump.

Some in the community have brought concerns about minting more $RUNE. The original plan was for this to be a standard farm, which mints its own token. Similar toPancakeSwap, GooseDefi, and many other projects. And at the perfect opportunity lock minting:


Alright y’all, I have good news and I have bad news.

Good news is if you didn’t like that the $RUNE supply was inflating from farms, we have officially LOCKED $RUNE minting!

BAD news is if you dumped the $RUNE token, that was the last $RUNE you’ll ever farm in…


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